He was

Secret Thoughts Within

He was a special one,
Living his life in an ordinary way.
Colouring in his grey world with words,
To express all he wanted to say.

He was a broken one,
Carrying the scars from his past.
Covering up the pains with a shrug,
Dismissing them if anyone asked.

He was a lonely one,
Looking for a soul to call his own.
Seeking his other half, her heart,
To fill up the long nights alone.

He was a giving one,
Always seeing the gifts in others.
Quick to point out their beauty,
Showing all what he uncovered.

He was a special one,
A hidden rainbow within the storm.
Shifting the atmosphere around him,
Without any need to perform.

He was here and now he’s gone.

Tribute for John Reyes from Jars of Poetry, my ‘Bestie’ who is no longer on WP.

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