Hot, Summer Nights

I Write Her

rounding the bend
towards home
with windows down
to let moist heat
in the winds
tousle and whip my hair
towards my face

one hand on the wheel
the other
out the window
all five digits wriggling
in the invisible pressure
drumming to the beat
of the swirling music

pressures of the day
ease off my forehead
and slide away
from my body
the setting sun
inspires a smile
my essence at ease

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Types of Fat Cells

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Adipose (fat) cells are specialised for the storage of energy in the form of triglycerides, but research in the last few decades has shown that fat cells also play a critical role in sensing and responding to changes in systemic energy balance. You have two primary types of fat cells that we produce and store : brown fat and white fat.

White fat cells secrete important hormone-like molecules such as leptin, adiponectin, and adipsin to influence processes such as food intake, insulin sensitivity, and insulin secretion. Brown fat, on the other hand, dissipates chemical energy in the form of heat, thereby defending against hypothermia, obesity, and diabetes. Let’s look at these two types of fat cells in detail :

Brown Fat

  • Brown fat cells contain mitochondria and are made of a larger number of oily droplets, which are also smaller than those that make up white fat.
  • Generates heat and…

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the end of remembrance ~



you were the color of truth
in a black and white world –
bloom to a blanket of weed
the warmth of September
toasting my skin –
an answer
to every need

you were the first cool breath
freed from the river
a comfort when dark pressed around
a shadow of sparrows
high in the trees –
waiting our time
a reminder of song

you are my thought
at the end of remembrance
when all is forgotten –
love will remain
whispered aloud to the stars
– warming my kiss
with your name

. . .

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Walk Away

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Sometimes we need to walk away,
to refuse to engage in that
which has no honor, only shame.
Even if we feel we are right, we
can be wrong in continuing to fight
a battle where there is glee in the hurt,
joy in the conniving, where we or
our opponents slash with eagerness.

We should not accept unacceptable
behavior; at the same time, we
must look at our own willingness–
even eagerness, to engage with those
who continue to act without integrity.

Carry the banner of truth;
walk in the light of the Lord.
Maintain your integrity and act
from a position of love, resisting
a desire for revenge. We are Beings
of Light, this is the Light of Love.
Be that which you wish your enemy to be.

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Journaling for Self Discovery

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One of the most powerful ways to get to know yourself is through journaling. Journaling helps you connect to your inner wisdom, which is especially important in our noisy world, according to Sandy Grason, author of the book Journalution: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams “There are so many voices out there telling you who to be, how to act, what to do.” It also comes in handy when those loud voices are coming from inside. “I have found that your Inner Wisdom whispers and your Inner Critic yells, so you have to get quiet in order to hear your inner wisdom. Journaling is one way to get quiet,” she said.

Here are some journalising prompts for self discovery :

  • How do I feel at the moment?
  • What do I need more of in my life?
  • What would make me happy right now?

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He was

Secret Thoughts Within

He was a special one,
Living his life in an ordinary way.
Colouring in his grey world with words,
To express all he wanted to say.

He was a broken one,
Carrying the scars from his past.
Covering up the pains with a shrug,
Dismissing them if anyone asked.

He was a lonely one,
Looking for a soul to call his own.
Seeking his other half, her heart,
To fill up the long nights alone.

He was a giving one,
Always seeing the gifts in others.
Quick to point out their beauty,
Showing all what he uncovered.

He was a special one,
A hidden rainbow within the storm.
Shifting the atmosphere around him,
Without any need to perform.

He was here and now he’s gone.

Tribute for John Reyes from Jars of Poetry, my ‘Bestie’ who is no longer on WP.

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