Sugar and spice..


Sugar and spice

You lifted your eyes for me. Your eyes dancing with joy and filled with wilderness.

I whispered to you. Dear love. Do you want to hear a lullaby?

You gave me a dangerous smile and you told me.

โ€œI want a lullaby with the fragrance of temptation and some seduction.โ€

-Sugar and spice-

You are. Winter pale skin and valleys of soft and tender places needing my attention and care.

I told you my love. You are my sugar and spice in a life needing gentle kiss and warm embrace.

You are my Crown Royal whiskey on a cold Winter evening and hot coffee at the beginning of my day.

I have loved you since the day we met and you wrote into my journal.

โ€œSugar and spice, all everything nice. Please dear Johnnie. Write me a lullaby with a happy ending. Life is love and loveโ€ฆ

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