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I am sharing another post from August 2019!

It was apoignanttale of cruelty

People called herabnormalall her life

She was justlosttrying to find her way

Who were others to judge her she asks

What is normal and what is not

Those mighty people trying to sit in judgment

They need to look at their own lives first

One can be extraordinary and different

There are no normal and abnormal people

Stop putting labels on others

Look into your hearts to find compassion first

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Because Of You

Walt's Writings

Because Of You

Because of you
I am happy again
The music is back in my heart
I mile more and more
I’m writing more love poetry

I’m feeling better
I’m more active
My legs are healthier
And are almost normal
Your pushed me to use

The lymphedema pump
And keep my legs

Elevated in the recliner
Because of you
I am starting to feel normal

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Let’s pretend my lover..


Let’s pretend my lover

Once we were Hemingway and Agnes.
We drank, we made love and we had enough.

The damn Spring was looming near and I saw in your eyes.
The Winter’s caress wasn’t needed no-more.
The sweet wine had turn bitter and the long and sweet kisses became quick and giving only.

I took you to the Pacific sea.
I held you tightly and I asked you?
Let’s pretend my lover.

I see in your eyes.
The sky, the sun and the moons.
I feel your escaping to new seas, a new tropical places.

I knew.
Love was honey and vinegar to you.
Wine was sweet and poison to you.

You told me often.
Don’t believe in love.
Men fall in love when they are tire of being alone and woman fall in love because they are bored.

She smiled and she whispered to wanting hears.
I love…

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Sugar and spice..


Sugar and spice

You lifted your eyes for me. Your eyes dancing with joy and filled with wilderness.

I whispered to you. Dear love. Do you want to hear a lullaby?

You gave me a dangerous smile and you told me.

“I want a lullaby with the fragrance of temptation and some seduction.”

-Sugar and spice-

You are. Winter pale skin and valleys of soft and tender places needing my attention and care.

I told you my love. You are my sugar and spice in a life needing gentle kiss and warm embrace.

You are my Crown Royal whiskey on a cold Winter evening and hot coffee at the beginning of my day.

I have loved you since the day we met and you wrote into my journal.

“Sugar and spice, all everything nice. Please dear Johnnie. Write me a lullaby with a happy ending. Life is love and love…

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Bow Down
And Worship Him
Knowing That He Is

Copyright © 2020 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 08-11-2020 – 3:45 P.M.

Dedicated To All Of Those Who Have  Known Right From Wrong Since
Childhood And Chose To Vote For A President Who Was A Liar, A Cheat, A Racist And Much More From The Dark Side And Chose To Vote For Him Anyway!!

These Voters Are Those Who Would Have Yelled With The Rabble When Given A Choice By Pilot In Jerusalem To Choose Between Having Jesus Released Or The Killer Barabas, Shouted Out – “Give Us Barabas, Give Us Barabas”!!!

A Vote That Will Leave A Shame And Stain On Their Souls Forever!!