Megha Bose

He was intolerant, stubborn and stagnant;

Until he realised his views were all vacant.

He was a believer of blind prejudice;

Until he realised that it is all sheer injustice.

He used to discriminate against and abuse others,

Until he realised that he has no one to stand for him as a brother.

He used to hate the impoverished and ugly;

Until he realised it was him who was poor, repulsive and guilty.

He craved for approval and often felt dejected;

Until he realised that heroes grow mightier after being rejected.

He groaned at a symptom of a malady like a hypochondriac;

Until he realised that his will and science can do best for his comeback.

He thought that war and violence were natural;

Until he found it was easier to stay with others as a pal.

He stopped asking questions taking things are just what they are;

Until he…

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