By Charles Robert Lindholm

People Aren’t
Smart, Just Opinionated
They Refuse To Become

Copyright © 2020 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 08-11-2020 – 2:00 P.M.

Inspired by watching huge crowds on Southern California beaches during the Covid-19 pandemic without wearing masks and not social distancing and listening to them loudly claim that they have a constitutional right not to wear a mask.  Refusing to learn or believe in scientific facts that prove how to keep from spreading Covid-19.

Or put in a more logical context they believe that their right not
to wear a mask is more important than society’s right to protect everyone else
from them spreading Covid-19 to others!

News flash – individual rights “sometimes” have to yield to the protection
and welfare of the general public in extraordinary and emergency situations.  This is the reason the government has been given “The Police Power” – to protect the many from the few when life and health is in danger!!!

7 thoughts on “CRAZY PEOPLE

  1. Idiocy. Just like in Sturgis this last weekend. It is not a wonder that other countries in the world are looking at the US going please stay home and far far away from the rest of us. And while it is unfortunate the smart forward thinking lets listen to those with years of medical training and not someone who believes that Jesus is going to burn the internet if posts are not put up and demons and aliens. Yes those people are front and foremost making a mockery of what once was a forward leading country. However living in Canada watching the antics of people who feel that they have a right to do as they please use to be only stateside yet of late we are seeing more and more carelessness occurring and due to that our cases of Covid are on the rise. All because a few people felt that it was unnecessary for them to self isolate after travelling out of province to attend a gathering and came in contact with someone infected with Covid. They were aware and still went out and about their business. They are everywhere and I am a firm believer that natural selection will out. (Let’s just hope the idiot gene for some bizarre reason does not have Covid fighting properties.) I am sorry I have hijacked your comment section. Have a good day. 🙂

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    1. No Woriries, Dear Jay-lyn!!! I love seeing you up on a soapbox, My Dear!! It is a really great look on you!!! So much truth and wisdom in your comment. Sturgis? OMG, don’t get me started those morons!!! I’m a big supporter of freedom, liberty and constitutional rights but there are limits for the protection of health and safety of the many vs. the few. Think of a lifeboat. That situation requires that everyone person work for the health and safety of all. Individual rights don’t apply. It’s like that in a pandemic but America doesn’t have leadership to do the right thing. You go Girl!!! Seems like you should put up a couple of posts on what you said in your comment. Just cut and paste – more or less!!
      Thanks so much for all your views and especially this comment, My Dear!!!


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