A Rambling Report…June, 2020

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

A Rambling Report From The Frequent Mover

We moved to a farmhouse in Vermont this spring.
The house is similar to the last two houses that we owned, but the land, the land, has me enchanted.

Every evening, I go outside and walk the borders of my two acres of flowers, fields and trees, even if it’s raining.

I feel happy as a child as I walk among the wildflowers at the property line, constantly taking pictures and whooping with delight every time I find another milkweed plant.
I shout as I find each one. “Milkweed!”

Butterflies love milkweed and I love butterflies.

Every walk is different as I find little surprises that make my day. A stray dandelion, a new butterfly, pink clouds, lilacs, crab apples, a new bloomer in the garden. Another blackberry plant, a new wildflower.

The flowers and trees that I’ve planted over the last two months…

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