Are You Resisting Your Life?

Be Inspired..!!

We’ve all heard the saying, “What we resist persists.” In my experience, this is so very true.

Another great one that I recently read: “Someone can only drive you crazy if you give them the keys.”

Right now in your life, what do you wish were different?  What do you complain about?  Who really bothers you?  What things and people should be different from what they are? Your answers to these questions are all things you’re resisting.  You may say that your negative feelings or uneasy emotions are many things but it boils down to resisting things and people as they are.

So are you resisting your life? Here are few tell tale signs :

  • You think an aspect of your life is “wrong”. Instead practice no longer labelling anything or anyone as right or wrong.
  • You look for barriers to your progress. Instead anticipate miracles will happen and be…

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