Writing Prompts-Some Things Are Meant To Be

Penny Wilson Writes

I have had a terrible itch to write the past few days but nothing 
came.  So I tried something different.  I Googled "Writing 
Prompts for Poems" and came up with tons of ideas.  So I 
browsed the prompts and wrote down the words or phrases that
I liked: 

Standing in line 
The sound of silence 
Trust issues 
Locked in a jar 
On shaky ground 
Life-as planned 
Dear Reader 
Some things are meant to be 
Strangest dreams

From these words, I came up with the poem below. 
I call it "Some Things Are Meant To Be". Not my best work, and I didn't use everything, but I like the way it turned out. See what you think. :) Dear reader some things are meant to be The sound of silence overgrown under the lid of this jar I've got trust issues and stand on shaky ground giving me…

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