Daily Prompts- Homeless

Keep it alive

He is forgotten by the people, left alone

Branded a felon, given a wide berth

His life wasn’t always like this or this hard

He used to be someone with a name and an address

Now he is at the bottom of the food chain

Eating food thrown away by the others

Existing at the fringe of this heartless society

He expects nothing from those he sees daily

There is no shelter from pouring rain or burning sun

From Monday to Sunday, week after week

He is never first in line always the last

This should not be his ending, we should make sure

Give his life a better caption, help him find his purpose again

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The cursed lullaby..


The cursed lullaby
Once love was so damn sweet, we had the long nights and the sweetest kisses.
You were my Beatrice and I was your willing Dante.
Willing to pay the price to touch sweet and tender skin, to make you smile.
I told you often.
I want to love you like there is no tomorrow,
I want to love you like we are the only people left.
I want us to divulge each other till we can’t no-more.
Love me once,
love me twice,
please love me three times.
Make me know softness,
make me know hardness,
Allow me to live and die in your eyes.
The cursed lullaby we know.
You and I.
Water and earth.
Need great storms for us to create  tale and  to know the sweetest kiss.
Old Poet recite to the dying moon.
Love be sweet, love be damned.
I remember you.

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Megha's World

In response to the Tuesday Prompt at GoDOGo Cafe prompt: Beneath the surface of the night

allef-vinicius-205147Beneath the surface of the night

your sorrows paints 

a different shade of happiness

a different shade of grey

The night paint kohl in your eyes

underline the magic in your gaze;

it casts the spell

of  your tantalizing looks

turning my wishes ablaze

Takes me, the stranger

into the whirlwind

of your desire;

spins me around

sets my heart on fire

The night whisper in your ears 

my sweetest desires

the forbidden wishes

I so want to come true;

It takes away

all the darkness

strip all the loneliness

dissolve all the malice in me and you

It unveils the mystery

which intrigues you for so long;

rekindle that fire, stir you slowly

keeps the emotions going strong

The silent night

gives voice to my muted soul;

resonate the love

etched in…

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The Way You Do

Sarah Doughty

“Loving you started like a fever.
It was an infection that filled me,
piece by piece.”

Loving you started like a fever. It was an infection that traveled across my body and filled me, piece by piece. But it wasn’t a kind of sickness that worried me. I didn’t know how, but I knew I’d be okay falling in love with you. And maybe, it was because I could see it in your eyes too. You loved me back. Just as intensely as I could fathom. I didn’t understand why at the time — because I was nothing but wastelands — a survivor. Yet you proved to me that I was no wasteland. I was something to be cherished.

© Sarah Doughty

So thank you for loving me
the way you do.

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A Wild Blue Wind

Walt's Writings

AWild Blue Wind

There is a wild blue wind
blowing through the trees tonight.
It’s one of those winds that gives
you chills and raises the hair on
the back of your neck. It’s an
ominous wind, filled with a feeling
of dread. It started as a soft breeze
and soon got stronger, blowing in
the storm clouds.

Many have witnessed it, describing
it as a “swirling blue cloud dancing
wildly along the ground.” No
scientific explanation has been found
and many believe it is nothing more
than a hallucinatory mirage caused
by too much Tennessee Moonshine.

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Dancing Days Will Come – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Sunrise over the Blackwood, Augusta.

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.” Goethe

Dancing Days Will Come

Today I cannot
remain in the subtle mask
that has adopted an
acceptable contentment that
that covers a multitude of
juiceless moments,
an angst in a cloud of 
unknowing, but today I am
knowing the haze in which
I dwell is ever bound in
the imprint of every breath,
yet, like a moth to a flame,
I am drawn continually to
the inviting shimmer of light
on my horizon that is shouting
depression days are over,
dancing days will flourish
deep within the well of my soul.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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