dear(ly) beloved

the grey room

i visit the open grave
of our relationship
what seems like everyday
i always feel like there’s more
to bury, another memory
another dream that died yesterday
so i guess i have a lot to say
and i tell it to the open grave

i pile everything on the ashes
of a fire that used to burn brilliantly
it consumed you then me until
you dug this grave, dragged me deep
put out the flames by throwing dirt
on our good name and i tried to save it
going deeper until the sun felt like a dream
this is how you’ve ruined me

it never seems to matter
if i choose a new path, forge a new life
i still find myself at the site
where your love died and the fire
licked at my skin, burning your imprint
these scars adhere to my heartache,
the love that pulses through…

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