The Power In Touch πŸ€—πŸ’–


There is something so healing in touch! Endorphins released and that beautiful natural high you get when you feel loved. Medically speaking we all know it heals the mind and body it is a natural painkiller and it is good for the heart and soul β™₯ its endless benefits are many and the opposite is harmful. Long time between touch can leave a heart empty and a mind in disarray! I came to a realization of how important touch is recently!

There is the touch of family when they hug you as in your children and grandchildren, parents and siblings that makes your heart rejoice and feel warm unlike any other! It’s that bond of love that is unconditional and rewarding as if to say, (we are always in this life together ❀ ) I know for me hugs from the above give such a warmth and comfort a feeling…

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