Finding Fun in Discipline – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


What images does the word discipline conjure in your mind?

Did you picture arduous work, late nights working for the man, submitting to the daily grind required to reach your goals while eliminating fun from your life? The promise of a guaranteed paycheck, predictability, and security offer the illusion of relative ease. They say success’ biggest enemy is the path of least resistance. The prescription is choosing hard work, nose to the grindstone self-sacrifice, forsaking anything entertaining and easy.

Is it the only way? What if discipline came as naturally as breathing? The key lies in determining your core values. What are your important and non-negotiable principals? Are your ambitions aligned with your beliefs? Who mandated the journey to a wonderful existence must be a struggle? Life is an adventure that we are supposed to enjoy. Reaching a goal is a fleeting moment compared to the time we invest in getting there. Imagine if we…

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