Drum roll…

Word of the Day Challenge


Dear fellow wordsmiths,

I’d like to start this post by thanking each and everyone of you, who have been following the Word of the Day Challenge blog so far. You, who have been on board since the beginning and you, who have just recently joined us. You, who post almost daily, linking your words to our site, and you, who participate from time to time, when inspiration strikes. And also you, who kindly share our links so more of you join in, day by day.

This blog has been running for a little over two years already, and we’re now a happy crowd of almost 850 word-lovers. Wow!

Thank you for your trust and your interest!

But life is a changing thing, and we have some announcements to make today.

As you might know, this adventure was Dee’s idea in the very beginning. She kindly recruited Kristian, Kate and I…

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