Managing Deep Emotional Issues in Search of Your Creativity – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


It happens. Wednesday morning brushing your teeth, you realize you no longer recognize the face reflected in your bathroom mirror. Questions break open floodgates. How did you get here? How is this yourlife? 2020 has disrupted, upended, and rendered any perception of “normal” as invalid. This often results in a hollow emptiness, a sense of surreal dissociation, and uncertainty about moving forward into the future. Depression threatens to consume whatever remains of a shattered soul. What should we do, and how do we fix this?

Simple answers don’t exist. One size doesn’t fit everyone. We each possess deep wells of untapped capacity and unlimited creativity to devise brilliant solutions. Today’s challenges require us to reconcile actions with our core beliefs. It requires courage to examine the pile, choosing whether to keep or discard the attached baggage. It is a time-consuming, life-searching process.

The bottom line is managing distractions to clear space…

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