Dark clouds

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It takes only a moment,
For nature to change its colours.
One moment, it's bright and sunny
And the next moment,
It can turn dull and overcast.
If observed keenly,
One can see the dark clouds
Approaching closer,
Far across the horizon,
Threatening to cast us in darkness.
The clouds follow the will
Of the mighty winds of change.
They follow the wind's biding
Without any protest.

The clouds swim across the sky
Casting the ground below,
In alternating patches
Of light and darkness.
The dark clouds may block its rays,
But the Sun never stops shining.
Though we rarely observe that.
The bright lining of the clouds,
Are the only proof
Of the majestic Sun's persistence.
The Sun doesn't give up the fight.
It lies in wait, biding its time
And shines even brighter,
When the dark clouds move away.

Just like nature, life, too
Can change in a…

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