Variety is the spice of life

My Random Ramblings

When I was just a child
Adulting seemed fascinating.
It seemed like
A tempting bowl of candy
Within my line of sight
That I just couldn't reach.
But as an adult,
I realised that
Looks can be deceiving.
Life isn't an easy ride.
It's an epic rollercoaster ride, A crazy mix, Of happiness, sadness, Anger, pleasure, hatred, love, Fear, courage, wonder, Sunshine and dark clouds, Immense joy and spells of misery. Like the different colours of candy, Each emotion was special In its own way. Without sadness, We will never know Or appreciate The value of happiness. The dark days help us evolve, And transform into better versions. We can handpick candy Decide which colours we want, But life doesn't offer that choice. We have got to experience it all. As someone rightly said, Variety is the spice of life. One colour seems too monotonous Though I am not a…

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