Sunday Writing prompt – Lockdown – July 26th

Keep it alive

Michael is our host for SundayWriting Prompt this week.

IMG_0426(1)This week as we are all under some sort of lockdown, stay at home, shelter in place I invite you to write your thoughts at this time.

What are you doing to stay sane?

What would you like to be doing?

Your response can be your own story or simply a piece of fiction.


Lockdown to stay safe shouldn’t be such a hardship as it’s made out to be.

If the choice is to stay home for a while and stay healthy versus going out and about and run the risk of getting this disease, which is proving fatal for many, I would choose to stay put!

I do understand that it is;





And it may mean going slightly bonkers with all the family cooped up in the house for weeks.

But looking at the…

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