The Healer

Charmed Chaos

Eirny lives deep in forest Kroskogen near the river Lomma. She was born in this cabin, and she’ll walk through the gates of Valhalla from this place. As years pass, she ponders death for her time on earth grows shorter with each passing day.

July approaches and she awaits the summer with anticipation. One evening, as a red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills, her heart knows. Time to harvest.

The next morning, she throws a worn shawl over her shoulders and picks up her ancient basket. In it there are tools- shears, a slim knife, and various shaped containers. Making her way down to the river, she drops to the ground, and scrapes away the healing green moss with her knife. With luck, it will be enough to stave off death another year. She’s not yet ready to go.

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