Just Like You


thunderstorms masquerade
as little raindrops pouring
creating a sweet tender lullaby
a rhythmical beating
a melody of nature
a comforting hymn
for lonely, lost souls
satisfying, memorable
combination of pitch
and rhythm
with a falling
and rising
up until it takes on
a higher note
slowly ascending
taking control
gaining power
soaring higher
’till it becomes
one loud noise
one big bang
a raging storm
is born

just like you

It’s a fine morning from my side of the world. I just finished my usual morning yoga and a couple of strength and toning exercise. After a cup of tea, I went for a short rest and I came across some heartwarming feature stories about neighbors and what they do to each other during the pandemic.  It warms my heart to know that kindness and compassion are still alive among us especially during these trying days…

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