991st Poem – “A Broken Set of Eyes” – Romance – 7/23/2020

Modern Romanticism

I write
All I do not know,For the libraries have left me
Of their books,
Of their words.
I am a sentence too late
To whisper a farewell in your ear.You came in a moment,To disappear off the clock,As I counted each second backwards.Your breath sails down your throat,Swallowed in every edge,Disdained by every pledge.Your eyesDid not close, for the book,As each chapter was written without muchEmotion,I merely set sail upon the pagesTo be lost in fear and blankness.My uncertainty
Became your security.My blue
Became your gray.Your eyesSculpt out demise
While death's veil covers you,I cannot be near, though to feel inferior.

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