Yet You Are Blind – poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Photo shows indigenous Australians as prisoners, shackled at Roebourn gaol, 1896. Today the rate of indigenous incarceration is high at %29 of the total prison population. There is little sign of that changing, not any change in the underlying and predisposing issue of poverty and inequality.

“Racism is a disease in society. We’re all equal. I don’t care what their colour is, or religion. Just as long as they’re human beings they’re my buddies.” Mandawy Yunupingu

Yet You Are Blind You can see clearly yet you are blind to the plight of your neighbour, stealing their humanity for the price of their lives which paid for the privilege of your wilful ignorance, paved in the blood of their dignity, bargained for the murderous dogma prosecuted in the name of your right to smile on suffering and misery as you squash their lives for the turn of a dollar…

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