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The image above is “The School of Athens” (Scuola di Athene) a fresco created by Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino) which is part of the four Raphael Rooms (Stanze di Raffaello) in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace. Raphael’s Rooms are the Sala di Costantino (Hall of Constantine), the Stanza di Eliodoro (Room of Heliodorus), the Stanza della Segnatura (Room of the Signatura) and the Stanza dell’ Incendio del Borgo (The Room of the Fire in the Borgo).

The first room Raphael started was the Stanza della Segnatura, and “The School of Athens” was the third wallcompleted. Depicting Philosophy, “The School of Athens” is one of Raphael’s masterpiece. Raphael was not specific on the identity of the figures he portrayed and left many insisting he painted the likenesses of some of his contemporaries. The philosophers (above) include Plato or Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle or Giuliano da Sangallo in the center. Sprawled on…

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