The prettiest gal in town

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The prettiest gal in town

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.


The prettiest gal in town
She wore her Summer dresses year around. She loved the Monterey weather and she always carry a smile to share with me.  She shared her kind words and she would listen to me.
She would sit in silence and I would read my poetry to her. We would discuss the sea, John Donne, Hemingway and Salinger. I would find her waiting and alone by the Monterey pier. Her ginger hair laying gently on her soft shoulders and being sun-kissed by the evening falling sun.
She asked me often. Why do you seek me everyday? I am not the prettiest girl you know? The pretty girls, do love you. The dark poet who demand nothing and write by the sea.
I told her. You are the prettiest gal in Monterey. Your heart of gold…

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