Tips for a Happy Gut

Be Inspired..!!

The most important thing you can do to improve upstairs downstairs communication is to eat a wide variety of legumes and produce. People who eat more than 25 types of plants weekly have healthier gut bacteria than people who eat fewer than 10.

A variety of plant fibre equals a balanced diet for the healthy bacteria deep down in your digestive tract. Similar carbohydrates are digested higher up, which leave little nourishment for the good bugs. If these helpful bacteria decline in numbers, unfriendly strains, plus fungi and parasites, can take over, stirring up digestive distress. To make sure that doesn’t happen, these are the foods you need :

  • Insulin Rich Foods – Insulin is a soluble fibre that’s basically a superfood for healthy bacteria. Note that some of these contain gas and bloating causing proteins; increase your intake of them slowly if they cause digestive discomfort for you. Examples…

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