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Jo Hawk


This week has been a whirlwind. How is it already Saturday? When I last checked my calendar, it was Tuesday. As a home office entrepreneur, I wear many hats. My days fill themselves with content creation, staff meetings, market research, phone calls, financial reporting, and managing my never-ending emails. My eighty-hour workweek is alive and well. Eliminating the dreaded daily commute also removes any opportunity to get away from the job. And it’s far too easy to always be on call, accessible, and open for business.

However, allowing the career to leak into non-work time means other duties slide. We neglect evenings when we should rest, relax, and enjoy family interactions, and we defer basic chores. Suddenly, Saturday, the ultimate flex day filled with unallocated hours designed to prevent a week’s worth of overload, is overbooked. My to-do list cuts into vital activities like sleeping late, watching movies, getting the…

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