Down the Rabbit Hole

Charmed Chaos

Image by azzy_roth from Pixabay

Days colored grey in doubt
A fading in and out of light
Trapped in an ocean of tears
Am I still breathing or gone
In this warped space- time
Restless endless nights tossing about
Tangled in darkness of damp sheets
Reeking with the sweat of denial
Then the resounding ringing call
The room shifting to shadows black,
Spinning, spinning, falling, falling
Down into the winding rabbit hole
But no one is there to greet me
No mad March Hare serving afternoon tea
Only me, me, me, feeling smaller, smaller
With this wretched cancer of dis-ease
Consuming my breast, invading me
Yet still the astounding dis-belief
Haunting all my waking and sleeping dreams

Written for dVerse Pub: Poetics 8th Anniversary!

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