Daring to Take the First Step – Daily Quote 

Jo Hawk


Arborists say the absolute best time to plant a sapling is ten years ago. The second-best option is to transplant one today. Since I can’t time travel, the solution is to grab a tree, a spade, and dig. The tree’s species is less important than taking action. Digging is not rocket science, and can be accomplished with simple tools. A trowel, a spoon, a post-hole digger, or your own two hands will eventually accomplish the task. I might borrow a shovel, but the job doesn’t require a backhoe. What if your attempt isn’t perfect? Does it matter?

Current events have rocked our world, we feel confused, disoriented, and unsure. Insecurity makes us pause and stop. Inertia keeps us stalled, unable to move. We become embroiled in perfection, caught in the trap of possessing the finest equipment, the latest gadgets, and glitzy gizmos, thinking they are indispensable. The timing must be ideal, and…

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