Your Daily Dare to Fail in Spectacularly Boring Ways – Daily Quote 

Jo Hawk


People fail. I consider it a truism and an activity we should engage in more often. Tasks we practice and perfect, become rote. With memorized movements, the process is automatic, and our brain is no longer fully engaged. Our culture prizes efficiency and mastery of specific skill sets, which forces expertsto learn minute factsin an ever-tightening circle. The culmination creates grandmasters of hollow details they dissect into oblivion. It leaves us with a deep void we can’t fill.

Gaining mastery in a task is commendable, but problems arise when we deem we have arrived at our ultimate destination. With nowhere else to go, we have no reason to question assumptions, challenge the status quo, or think of alternate possibilities. We stop learning and cut off any conversation that runs counter to standard operating procedures.

Risk-taking is scary, and like a child learning to walk, the only guarantee isthe opportunity to…

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