Perseverance brings reward and respect! 💖


When things get harder, I may freak out initially..but then I turn the tables and remember I am strong and determined 💪

I am a go getter and a diamond 💎

Life is a challenge but I am a fighter! And in the end through all the heartache and stress..i did and will always come out on top!!

Never defeated always a winner!! I am a sweetheart 💕 I will never loose the greatest gift God gave me..MY HEART ❤ 💖

But don’t let that fool you..i don’t take any shit for too long 👄💋

I love with everything and will always be gentle but make no mistake my heart is big but my mind is strong 💖

Fight for whats right and believe in yourself…never let someone own you or control you…be kind in heart even when it breaks but be strong enough to love yourself and your self…

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