Poetry Play, with Pamela Hobart Carter

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Poetry Play with Pamela Hobart Carter

This morning arrived with joyful poetry play! Thank You to poet, author, and playwright, Pamela Hobart Carter for her most recent blog post, Make a Poem at Home: Poetry Lessons for Covid Times. (https://playwrightpam.wordpress.com/make-a-poem-at-home-poetry-lessons-for-covid-times/#like-841)

As a fellow teacher of young children and a writer myself, I found encouragement and fun following her three creative ideas for writing poetry with young ones. I find these lessons appropriate for all ages! As you can see below, I had a go at each one. Take a peek at her blogpost and try one, two, or all three. Let me know how it turns out!

Photo by Pamela Hobart Carter Photo from Blogpost, Make a Poem at Home: Poetry Lessons for Covid Times, by Pamela Hobart Carter

To give reference on the patterns followed for my three poems, please enjoy Pamela’s blogpost – https://playwrightpam.wordpress.com/make-a-poem-at-home-poetry-lessons-for-covid-times/#like-841

Here are my three examples, following Pamela’s inspiration:

IMG_3044 Photo by C Charles, stepsinbetween.com

  • A…

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