To read you

Secret Thoughts Within

Wait, what?
At first I wasn’t quite sure
But I learnt to read you
To understand the hidden meanings
Behind your metaphors and mythical references.
At first they confused and baffled me
For I stood on unfamiliar ground.

I investigated your words
And what they could possibly mean.
I worried that I wouldn’t be able
To decipher any of it
And my limited understanding
Would leave me frustratingly dissatisfied.

I followed my heart
And remained true in discovering you.
I kept an open-eyed watch whenever you were around.
I looked again and again
And perhaps one more time
Each time awakening from my ignorance.
Seeing more and comprehending…

You unveiled a different world to me
And although it took me a while to grasp it
Now every time I read you
I understand every word and breathe.
I wish I had more adjectives to describe how I feel

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