The last chance motel..


   The last chance motel
Summer Texas night, cold drink and no-place to go. Michigan dreamer, drinking his Long Island teas and writing into a journal.
“Song of my father,
songs of the long highways,
more goodbye songs than hello.
Pretty memories don’t bring joy no-more,
shallow man broke a angel heart and
he learned.
The Iron Mountain girl was right.
She told him. You will miss me more than today.
My lasting kisses will burn your heart and your soul.
You will wish for me when the night is cold and lonely.”
He watched the pretty Texas girls dance at midnight hours. The midnight hours is when the last people on earth must decide to go home alone or seek a companion to fulfill needs of the skin, needs of the flesh.
Pretty Texas girl requested a dance and he accepted. The lingering dance expand to the slow dances…

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