I’ve seen you smile
When you couldn’t.
I’ve heard you say, It’s fine!
When it wasn’t.

I’ve seen you cry,
And have asked why?
But you’d reply saying,
There’s something in my eye.

I know you’ve taken that extra mile
And worked like there was no tomorrow
To make ends meet and see me smile,
Ignoring your pain and sorrow.

You’ve loved me so selflessly
Giving up all comfort and luxury.
Yet many a time, I’ve behaved rudely,
Causing you so much pain and worry
If it weren’t for you, I’d be a nobody.
I can never be enough grateful nor sorry.
Neither can I ever repay you fully.

These selfless deeds of yours
I’ll wear proudly,
Like a wreath of flowers
Adorning my head.
Chin up, I’ll take each stride,
For you’re my crowning glory,
My only pride.

Sonia Stalance


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