Writing With An Open Heart

This is my 5-year-old goddaughter, riding a two-wheel bike! She’s a little daredevil ♥ ©ZeinaA.G

Do you remember when you were a child?
And the sound of the waves crashing on the shore excited you?

Do you remember when you fell off your bike numerous times?
Even though the pain was too intense you just smiled.
And stood back up while displaying your scars proudly.

Do you remember a time you thought everything was possible?
And within your reach?

Do you remember when the roads we travelled seemed long?
But we never complained, we just kept moving.

Do you remember when you wanted something so badly to happen that you believed and prayed?
Let’s take a moment daily to see the world through our inner child’s eyes.
Because when everything seems dark and uncertain this could be the only way out.

©Zeina A.G

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