In mind and out

The boom freezes us in time
and the clock stops –
chimes in with a gift
that shocks our pulse
and floods our synapses,
with tick tock
packages of phosphorescence,
incandescent, no?
Really, I feel like we’re all
a flock of fireflies in swirling smoke,
evocative shadows on our lips
I catch the static of your skin,
we’re in and bound together
by dendritic arms of the crowd.
In the pause, I surf
the collective breath in the cool air
while I listen for yours, distinct,
An aftershock
as you push back my hair –
the clock stops, again
but i think that’s my heart,
or maybe yours
and we’re all there,
but you and I alone,



This is a poem I wrote during the Matariki (Maori new year) celebration last year which finished off with fireworks. I know many of you will be celebrating Fourth of…

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