The Wasteland of Unproductive Time – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I loathe having nothing constructive to do. Being productive, maintaining neat lines of items to complete on my personal agenda is much nicer. I get a rush when I can cross them off my list, call them done, and move forward. Time wasters include standing in line, driving in traffic, or having to re-working projects because of miscommunication. They top my list of anger-inducing ineffective misuses of my life. I strive to avoid those situations. Where possible, I order online, shop during off-peak hours, align my route to combine errands, ask extensive questions when beginning group activities, and document agreements in writing.

Coworkers have admonished me to slow my pace, so they didn’t need to work harder. Managers have accused me of cheating or lying as no one could do the task in such a short timeframe. But I have always been vindicated. To keep a project on track, I sometimesresort…

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