Problems of Adulthood

InkBlots and IceBergs

Life was simpler when we were children. I’m pretty sure many, if not all, of us adults have at some point heard that same thought echo in our heads, while wistfully reminiscing bygone days when our biggest problems were fitting our huge sticker collection into one sticker book and convincing our parents to give us five more minutes on the Nintendo.

Three decades, I’ve been on this Earth. While that may sound like enough time to have gotten a handle on things by now, this I submit to you: Most days I still feel like a headless chicken trying to navigate an obstacle course. I don’t know how many other adults feel like this. But I, for one, continually find myself in a mesh of thoughts and questions, trying to figure out how to traverse the labyrinth they call adulthood.

One of the major challenges in adulthood is the…

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