We’d be the best

Secret Thoughts Within

Let’s be best friends
Let’s just pretend

You’ll come over and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Eating corn chips and I’ll have a wine
Or maybe you’ll play a video game
Possibly while I read poems on my phone, I know you’re half listening

On weekends you’ll try to get me to surf
I’ll tell you where you can shove that offer, “No thanks”
I’ll sit on the sand while you go do your thing
You’ll remind me not to get burnt, make jokes about my freckles

Every now and then we’ll dress up and go out
I’ll be the best wingman you’ve ever had
You’ll pay me back by buying the food
But if you strike out we’ll have fun anyway, singing every lyric we know

We won’t live in each other’s pockets, we need our space
Yet we’ll always pick up right where we left off
We’ll always be in…

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