Another Prince

Secret Thoughts Within

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You remind me of someone

We met under a wave as we crashed into each other
Then we spent seven summers with feet covered in sand and salt
Talking of philosophy and love
Perhaps silently loving each other as well

I was sweet and innocent, welcoming eyes
With my blond hair and hungry mind
He was mysterious and brooding, generous smile
With his dark curls and curious thoughts

In another life we may have loved each other well
We would have fought together
And found our way together
We were so different yet so connected in our summer haze

I smile as I think of us now
We were glorious in the sun
Sharing our growing hearts
Pondering the mysteries of the world as the days burnt through us

So I can’t help but be drawn to you
I smile at your deep musings
They are familiar…

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Leave the light on..


 Leave the light on
Been one year now. We said goodbye on a cold Winter day and I remember I told you.
I will leave the light on, my love. You have a safe place to go my wandering lady.
Hard days, hard life and twisted wishes made us forget. We need someone to love us.
I remember your tears and your last words.
Please forget me. I am a cold hearten woman who cannot settle and I am a runner.
I remember I brought you close and I whispered to you. I will leave the light for you. When you are tire of running. You have a safe place to rest and I am here for you.

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The White Rose

Charmed Chaos

“There is a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.”

Leonard Cohen,Selected Poems, 1956-1968

In the early days of disbelief
There arose a confusing cloud of smoke
Swirling hot pink within my brain
Consuming me with poisonous fumes

As I crawled to the edge of sanity
I looked around to understand
This arduous journey I faced
Where my cherished life might end

Seeing the angel of death I said,
Be gone from my body, dear Azrael
I’m not yet ready to take leave today
I have much to do, even more to say

My mind began to clear, my heart was at peace
The smoke began to fade and my pain did ease
For there in my soul was a beautiful pure white rose
Blooming within me, planting petals of bright hope

Author’s Note:I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I find myself writing…

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Body Invasion

Please come read this post and about our Friend Linda

Go Dog Go Café

“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’” – Unknown

You are not welcome here begone
For this is a body of peace and grace
There is no place for the likes of you
Lurking undercover my skin and bone
Trying to invade my sacred space
How dare you feast on my flesh
Insinuate yourself into my life
I’m telling you now
You will not win over me
Love will conquer you
Strength will conquer you
Faith will conquer you
So you’d best retreat
Back to hell
Running with your tail
Between your insidious legs
Howling at the blood moon
Over your resounding defeat
While the sky full of brilliant stars
Rejoices and sings with me
Of my valiant victory for

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

Dear Readers: I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery…

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