I Told You So




of all the sayings there is,

the one my cool dad

taught me first, tops my list

“all our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them”

Walt Disney was his favorite

and dad is my favorite too

that made me dream the grandest dreams

and believe in happily- ever- after

mom is fine with that,

she always says, but I doubt so

‘cos she’d argue, as Forest Gump

famously said ” life is like a box

of chocolates, you never know

what you’re gonna get”

so hard work, dedication

and perseverance were the qualities

she instilled, for we never knew

what happens next

but we can always prepare

she constantly insists

by now you know

my parents were two

opposing individuals

made one, by love

for they both believe

in what Victor Hugo said

“the greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved…

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Blue hour… – FFFC

Cyranny's Cove


She loved this time of day.

These precious minutes when the sun wasn’t quite gone and the moon not quite risen… Probably hoping to meet in this sweet dimmed in-between. She sat on the porch of her little home, silent, open hearted and wide eyed.

Suddenly, she could feel the warmth of the past day running away from her garden, like a thousand mice seeking shelter for the night to come. And everything around her took this blue-ish shade, as if the sky itself had chosen the back of her house to finally lay down, and rest at long last.

It was the only totally quiet time of the day. The daytime birds were already ready for sleep, while the night feathery friends were still waiting for their queue to start their graveyard shift choire.

All in all, in this moment, for her, time stopped its crazy race for a…

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Transforming Sleepless Nights into Productive Writing Time – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


On countless evenings, I find I cannot sleep. My brain won’t stop, it races, obsessively testing ideas, possibilities, and contemplating the question ‘what if?’ I have long since learned my lesson, there will be no rest. I relinquish my control, leave my bed, and write. Other nights I am jolted from my dreams by some cosmic alarm clock, I clutch a brilliant idea like a lightsaber slashing through the dark. Once again, I stumble to my desk, power on the laptop to transcribe the dream. The stories refuse to be pushed aside.

Creating stories and telling tales flows in my blood, and I schedule writing sessions every day. But I do give myself a break from my normal routine on the days when my brain refused to register that I should have been sleeping.

Do you write at unusual times?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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