I’ll wait beside the sunrise for you

Your Fiery

You won’t remember this yet.

I see memories that have yet to happen.

Their clarity is overwhelming. Their truth is undeniable. They taste of love and have a scent of forever. They appear bathed in golden hues and truest sky blues.

You won’t remember them yet.

They are memories that have yet to happen.

On a plush love seat I sit. This veranda whispering to me of the kisses we just shared, my love. The morning breeze caresses my closed eyelids. I sigh. The happiest sigh my soul has ever breathed. I hug my knees to my chest and tell my secrets to the sky

The sun is rising. Warmth on my face.

You are here. Right behind me. 

Your hands rest on my shoulders, and oh…I melt at this touch. They explore me…further down, I lean back against you. Breathe a amorous pleasure sigh.

Kisses on my neck. My…

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