#Haibun: Pinnacle

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Charmed Chaos

As a leader of a team of people, I encountered challenges every single day. Every person had their unique personalities and as such, opportunities for development. This is the story of one.

John(not his real name) was someone who led a team of people and reported to me. We had grown close during our many business trips together and shared details of our lives. I had lost someone I loved in my life unexpectedly, and so had he. We both had the same thoughts about spirituality. Yet, I sensed within him a deep seated anger and bitterness about what his life had become. In essence, he was lonely and lashing out at others because of his anger and loneliness.

There came a time when I had to sit down and have a very serious conversation with him. Although I’ll never forget that day or the 3 hour conversation that ensued…

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