Valorous Bird



the cajoling lips
whispered sweetness

the waiting ears
heard with alertness
the playing eyes
winked naughtiness
the sniffing nose
prompted goosebumps
the protective hands
hugged with patience
the beating chest
spoke about closeness


the two ardent souls
made love intense


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forever into the unknown

Written in Blue Mercury

angels who lose faith
fall to the ground
and I have known
such an angel or two

when the sky breaks
apart and she cannot
go home I have known
such an angel or two

like the breeze she
and I have one choice
to remain still and die
or to travel forward

forever into the unknown
travel with me angel
so I won’t be alone
forever into the unknown

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Eloping from your memories is my failure

Beans, Pen & Nirja

There’s a space in my heart, that continues to ache for your presence

the words are silent, still there’s so much left to be said

most days, you’re both here with me, and away too

It’s just the poetry where heart breaks are beautiful

Here’s a tear that brim but refuses to pour down cheeks

you already left

I realized it, even when you were standing right beside me

and this breaks me even more

Was I like any drunk promise you made

at midnight without love

under the same sky, but torn apart

Eloping from your memories is my failure


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Copyright © 2017 – 2020 Beans, Pen & Nirja – All Rights Reserved

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Privilege Underdog



you, are a privilege
and yet, you have
the audacity, to
hurt me
break me
tear me apart
i wept
i cried in silence
i agonize in fear
you, are a privilege
your insolence
destroyed me
robbed me of
the beauty
and elegance
i have
you took away
the best
of me

my eyes
are scald
for all of the tears
i cried
tears prick
tears flood

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Daily Prompts- There is risk

Keep it alive

There is always a risk when we try something new

With courage in both hands, we seek some adventures

Our sibilant and joyful cries may echo in the air

Or we groan with disgust at the choices that we made

But what is life if we just close the door on trying new things

Before the expiry date comes, put some adventure under the belt

Just don’t talk the talk but go ahead and walk the walk

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Talk, Close, Expiry





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