Does it hurt yet?



Is it hurting you
That your neighbor is gay?
That your brother kneels
Before a different god to pray?

Is it hurting you
That his voice is different?
Or that her skin
Is a different pigment?

Is it hurting you
The way you think?
The way you never hesitate?
The way you never blink?

So quick to judge everyone
but you,
But your mirrors they laugh
When they look at you.

Is it hurting you
To be so assuming?
To pick at things,
Naming wrongdoings?

Is it hurting you yet
To hold this grudge?
To be so angry?
To only judge?

Is it hurting you now
That people are dying?
That some won’t stop lying?
While others keep trying…

Is it hurting you?
To look down on people’s choices?
To cover your ears
And smother the voices?

Is it hurting you?
To think that you’re better??
To be so alone???

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