Memories, hard to part with, let my heart grieve one more time

Beans, Pen & Nirja

Some nights when I close my eyes, I can still feel you wishper to me that you want me, then I wake up only to realize that it was just another dream.

I find it so hard to part with our memories cause those had our love contained on it.

I wonder why you didn’t stay by me. But as you said love is just not enough.

Those silent nights, when I craved for you to come, I held on knowing you were not coming back. Still knowing the fact, I was never your future, I loved you. My heart was never at peace.

It’s time, I give my heart time to grieve for loving you so hard, for all those false hope that I lightened myself, for all the happy memories we had together, for thinking about you as my future, for always waiting for you to come back…

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