rush ~


beyond the rivers edge

too soon
the rush –
of stars to flight
of lullabies
rehearsed –
warming how our hearts
were broken through

beyond the bend
a river flows –
in rifts of joy
and sorrow
lines are stretched
to frame an endless blue

there you are
awaiting –
with wishes for us here
where love remains
with every thought of you

. . .

for daddy
four years and counting
the days between


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Until the Battle is Done

House of Heart

Courage is a leopard her cubs in danger

rushing forward without hesitation to face the foe.

It is looking your greatest fear in the eye

leaning forward,  stepping across that

line you dare not cross,   lungs bursting

thoughts racing,  adrenaline heart pounding,

defending the defenseless in the arena of dread.

Facing the enemy, confronting the bully,

challenging the antagonist until the battle is won.

celtic women | Tumblr

Celtic Woman by Mali

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Dear Love, call me once you’ve landed safe

Beans, Pen & Nirja

My love for you wants, you to get all your dreams chased and accomplished. I understand your dreams, you have wished for, your ambitions since your childhood. I want you to fall at times but recollect all your pieces and rise back. You are a fighter and you can do it.

My love is your success and I am hopeful. You don’t have to give up on your dreams, or keep them aside just to calm my selfish part that wishes you to stay by me forever. My love won’t chain you in my melodramatic emotions. It will let you grow.

My love is ordinary. May be boring, or sad even.

My love won’t ask for you to stay. I ll kiss you goodbye, wish you luck and ask you to call me once you’ve landed safe. My love will push you to chase your dreams, so baby don’t get…

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The Spirit

Sarah Doughty

“You were everything I ever hoped to love.
Everywhere I ever wanted to be.”

That’s where you’re wrong, love. All I have is you. All I ever needed was you. Even on the darkest of days, I knew you were walking with me. I knew you were going to be there when I needed you. Because you were everywhere I ever wanted to be.

I knew you were in the wind, carrying me across the sky and through the trees. I knew you were in the ground, helping the most beautiful flowers grow. Helping to remind me of your presence. I felt you in the rain and no matter how cold the droplets were, I felt warmth. Yours. And I knew you were in the flames. If I looked close enough, I could see you dancing there, to a tune I couldn’t hear beneath the crackling of the wood.

So you…

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Set Aglow

Sarah Doughty

“I “You were everything I ever hoped to love.
Everywhere I ever wanted to be.”

It’s late at night when I feel this ache the most. It gnaws away at me, leaving me with a sense of rawness. Like my nerves are stripped and everything hurts. It’s more than loneliness. It’s more than sadness. It’s a dark, cold and deep chasm, where I am its only occupant.

But, at the same time, it’s a longing. A need. Deep within, down into my bones. I can feel it crawling around me. And it whispers. At first I don’t know what I’m hearing. As the moments go by, it grows louder and louder until the silence is so deafening, I can’t bear it any longer.

So I remind myself, I am never lost in the dark. Because the stars are reflecting against my eyes and the moon is setting everything aglow. That’s when…

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