By Charles Robert Lindholm

There Are Times
Late At Night,
In The Darkness,
Or At Dawn’s First Light

When I Miss You,
More Than The Everyday
All The Time Missing You,
I Usually Feel

Those Missing You Times,
Are The Hardest For Me,
To Endure,
And I Can’t Help Crying
From The Ache In My Heart
For You, Darling

Trying To Fall Asleep,
Without Your Sweet Kisses,
Or Your Arms Wrapped Around Me,
Is Torture

As The Tears And The Memories
Fall Upon My Heart,
Dripping And Dropping,
One After Another,
Making My Heart
Ache For You

Waking Alone,
In The Soft Glow Of Dawn,
In Our Bed,
Without Your Kiss,
Your Smile,
Your Warm Embrace

Wanting What Is Gone
And What I Cannot Have,
Is My Own,
Private Little Hell,

When I Miss You
The Most
Is The Time
That I Pray The Hardest
And The Longest

For The Day
When I Will Miss You,
No More,
And We Can Dance
Together Again,
With The Angels

Copyright Β© 2020 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 06-09-2020 – 6:00 p.m.

Inspired by Holly Hunter’s poem – UNRAVELING – posted on her WordPress.com blog

Please be sure and add Holly’s blog to the blogs you follow – Her words are magical and will whisper to your heart!!

33 thoughts on “WHEN I MISS YOU

    1. Thank you so much, Jeanne for being so sweet as to share with your followers. It’s always such an honor and joy for you to love my words enough to share them!! It’s a badge of honor that my other words always long to achieve!

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        1. Well, I have enough selected for one book from your selections I think, well maybe 35 pieces.
          Considering putting out a series of three issued every four months or so. Have to get them formatted and edited/reviewed. Thanks for all your treasure hunting for me, Dear!! Can’t tell you how precious and sweet it is of you to explore my archives.

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        2. I am so thrilled that you love to read my poetry and beyond that for wanting to help choose for my book/s. Sounds like we can share the same wish when we through coins in the wishing well? LOL! That will be the hard part of putting a book together.

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    1. Thank you so much, My Friend for your great kindness in sharing this with your followers!! I’m so happy you trust them enough to share them!! A real honor!! I so appreciate it!!
      Have a Great Day!!!

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    1. Oh Kritika, I am so very happy that you loved those lines and that this poem reached out and touched your heart!!! Not surprised though because you have such a loving and tender heart that lets you truly feel and understand the feelings and emotions expressed in the words!! Thank you for your kind and Sweet comment!! This really brightens up my day, Dear!! Thank you so much for that!!

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    1. I cannot properly tell you how glorious it was to read that opening line to – UNRAVELING and have my heart scream – Stop!!! That is awesome and to no sooner finish reading your poem than to rush to start writing this poem. It was one of those exquisite experiences (stream of consciousness) where the poem almost wrote itself – As I’ve always told You, Holly – Your words reach my heart and have a magical power!!!

      Holly, I shall always be indebted to You for giving me the seed of inspiration that bloomed into this blossom of a poem – a precious lifetime gift from you to me!! You have made my days for the rest of my life with this gift and your unbelievable comments to me. They will always make my heart happy and make me count you as one of my blessing each day to have been My Muse for this poem. It’s kind of like an Olympic Moment that lasts for a short period of time but is a lifetime memory and joy!!
      Thanks for giving me that, Sweet R!!

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      1. Chuck, it’s such an honor to somehow be associated with this wonderful poem, that my own poem In part influenced your composing it. It is so beautiful and I’m so very happy to share it at HoH. Thank you for allowing me to do that.

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        1. A total honor and privilege to have your words reach out to me!! It is magical when that happens and I love it! You were the spark, My Dear! And nothing happens without that, so your poem was the genesis.There was no allowing! It was a thrill to hear your words whispering to my heart and having this poem be the result of your four magical words!! This will always be your gift to me and a tribute to you being such a Poetess Extraordinaire to inspire others and especially me!! Thank you for that and for sharing this on H of H!! You are so Sweet to do that – the icing on the cake!!
          Bless You Dear R!!!

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    1. I am so happy/pleased that you shared this with your followers, Holly!! Thank you for your encouragement/nudging to post it!! It was my pleasure to accede to your Sweet Request!!
      Thank you for wanting to share it!!


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