Promises to keep until I sleep

Savvy Raj

To keep my heart
Healthy and happy
To keep my mind relaxed and attentive.
To breathe easy and practise the let go as much as I can.
To nourish my body & mind with self care and choose balance in thoughts words and deeds.

To nurture, heal and replenish the self
With positive intentions reflections and contemplation.
To keep a good company of friends.
To steer thoughts and cultivate humility, kindness and mindfulness.
To choose to pause and speak with awareness in response than reaction

To respect and value the life in this body.
To respect another’s right to be.
To sense the spirit of freedom.
To value the freedom of another being.

To create and acknowledge peace and positivity within and around me
To spread goodwill at every opportunity.
To learn and understand more and help by using my skills for the greater good.
To be conscious of the…

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