By Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm

When I Am Alone
In The Darkness
I Remember How Much
I Long For Your Touch,
And Your Body,
And Skin

Gently Pressing
Down Upon Me
With The Weight
Of Your Desires
Melding And Burning
Against The Fiery Passions
Of My Body And Skin
Until We Are One

I Still Thrill,
When  I Remember
The Scent
Of Your Skin
And Us Giving In
To Temptations

My Luscious Lips,
Your Naughty Whispers,
And Lingering Kisses,
Made Us Surrender,
So Willingly,
So Eagerly,
To Sin

You Released
A Pent Up Tiger,
Letting Me
Yield To My Inner

My Red Painted Nails
Like Claws,
Dig Into Your Back,
As I Lose Control

To Be Tamed,
Underneath You

Until You Grab
My Hands,
And We Intertwine Fingers,
In A Vise Grip
As I Scream
And Roar

I Feel
Your Volcanic
As I Beg You,
Don’t Stop!!

I Impulsively
Arch My Back
As We Rush
Into The Ecstasy
Of Oneness,

As I Hear Him
Coming Home
From The Swing Shift
I Run To Meet Him
At The Door

And With
A Racing Heart
I Whisper
In His Ear,
“It’s You
I Need, Baby,
I Need You
To Take Me,

Copyright © 2020 Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved